Your Voice As An Artist

By Adarious Smith

Your Voice As An Artist

It's easy to say that you can add one more voice to the world, but what does that mean?


One thing it means is that your artistic expression is going to represent you as a person, and you as an artist. So it bears thinking about. We do think about that and talk to our people about it now and then. 


Your Voice as an Expression


As you work in entertainment, you’re building a career, but you're also building a sort of portfolio of what you think and what makes you, you.


For a lot of people, nobody ever really looks at this from the outside, because they don't have a career in entertainment. They may be working in construction or accounting or computer science, or something like that where their personal life isn’t a part of it at all. But as an artist, someone is bringing themselves to the table and marketing themselves as a brand, and to some extent, that's a very different business.


So you have to think about what you will choose to say as an expression of yourself and how that will influence your art and your career. Part of the journey really, at the end of the day, involves planning, and knowing the context that your planning fits into. 




As you go, you’ll also be trying to get attention, or as they call it in the business world, brand visibility. You probably need a lot of help with that. You'll need active management and people to promote you as an artist to showcase your voice and get your work out there.


That's where we come in at Plugbrudaz, with management and booking services, and consulting on how to build an artist brand. That's not something that happens magically – it’s something that happens through hard work and effort.


After all, the entertainment world is not a place where people typically hold your hand. It's very competitive, and sometimes very chaotic. There's a lot of money in this industry, but it flows in very strange ways. There's a lot of ego in the industry, too, and you see a lot of ego-based conflict acted out across the industry landscape.


The bottom line is that artists feel they need people to protect them and to drive their objectives forward. We've talked about this in depth with quite a few of our people who we assist and represent. We see the realities of the entertainment world and have developed ways to navigate them.


You can also browse the site and check out samples that show artistic philosophies in play. This industry is also rapidly changing and getting real life examples often helps. Ask us about what we do for clients in a fast-paced field.