Yes, You Need A Manager

By Small Business SEO

Yes, You Need A Manager

Being an artist is one thing, becoming a successful artist is another. Even with the evolution of one-hit wonders of musicians, rappers, and singers through the age of technology and fast track stardom on social media and other digital platforms, staying power takes a much different type of “work”. 

Artist managers and management companies play vital roles in the success of an artist, and if you are wondering if you should hire one for your music career, the short answer is yes. A manager makes a flat percentage off of their client’s revenues, rather than profiting off of the many parts involved in the artist’s career such as streaming music and ticket sales. Managers work to make you successful, and therefore they are successful in the process. Management contracts are specifically structured in this manner as it keeps the managers in complete alignment with the interests of the artists.

Out In Front

Your manager is your front line of offense and defense, a gatekeeper as well as your public representative. These roles are extremely beneficial to aspiring and established artists alike. For those breaking into the business, having a public representative lead the charge on your behalf can make the difference in success and failure. Managers know the business and how to work it, relating who you are in the best ways to the public and media outlets.  

For established artists, managers can be gatekeepers keeping out the stressful situations that can arise in the face of fame such as speaking with the press, taking control of a narrative that works in the artists favor rather than against him or her, and navigating the waters so that the artist does not have to do it alone.

Deal Makers

While artists may have their acts down cold, the business end of the industry is a whole other beast. Managers are adept in the business and are extremely instrumental in handling those aspects of the artist’s career. Often times managers make many small decisions on the artist’s behalf, then consult only on the bigger issues that need to be decided on, which means the trust between artist and manager must be strong. Managers and artists work together to create this bond which propels the team forward in a way that works best for everyone involved.

Success Makers

At Plug Brudaz, we build successful careers for artists at all stages of their game. We help you turn your dreams into reality and pride ourselves in our understanding of the entertainment business and the ability and experience of our team will provide you with first-class management. From king making to kingdom ruling, Plug Brudaz has you covered.