What's In The New Single?

By Adarious Smith

What's In The New Single?

We know these days that a single is a chance to reach out and grab an audience – to pull them into the world of your brand, at a time when people have so much competition for their eyeballs. This is the age of streaming media, and millions of people are clamoring for attention. How do you stand out?

Here are some components to think about when you're releasing your new single to the world…


Does your new single have the compelling shots and sets that are going to wow your audience? So much of a video is based on the shooting and the cinematography, so it's a good idea to think about this all the way through the project.

That's assuming that you even have a video for the new single. We recommend investing in the video as a way to reach a broader audience. But aside from using the medium, you also have to optimize it. Plugbrudaz can provide some good feedback on what to do, and what not to do, with a music video.

Current Relevance

Does your new single have any relevance to current events? This can be extremely powerful for your brand visibility as people often search for things based on their ideas about what's happening around them. Think about what your track addresses, and how you can integrate it into people’s attention spans.


Does your new single have the beat?

In an industry that’s so competitive, it's good to keep things unique and original, in order to capture people by their ears.

From the old fruity loops days to the current environment of auto tunes and new interesting audio technologies, make sure that you get the track that you can stand behind as you show it off! Put some beat into it!

Consistent Branding

Does the new single represent the brand that you've built?

That doesn't mean it's never okay to pivot. But you have to think about consistent outreach and marketing for your artwork. And if you’re just throwing things at the dartboard, that can seem a little messy as you try to build your image. Just a thought.

Art Power

This one's a little bit more subjective and ambiguous. Basically, you're trying to say something with your new single – so what are you trying to say?

Here's where you can build in some extra design as you’re going over the lyrics and music for your track. In some ways, it's not unlike that process you see young artists going through as they approach a rap battle or some other big event. It's a creative process, overall, and it’s something you should definitely pay attention to.

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