What Is the Role of a Music Talent Manager?

By SBS Team

What Is the Role of a Music Talent Manager?


Running a successful music project involves a lot of moving parts. The role of the managers is to coordinate the artist’s team, figure out revenue splits, oversee complex legal structures, and so much more. 

It’s also necessary for a manager to understand and mediate between all parts of the industry while being “fluent” in the entire concept of the music business. 

If you are thinking about hiring an artist manager, knowing their role and expectations is a must. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Role of an Artist Manager

The manager you hire plays a unique role in your life and career. All the other partners you have will profit from specific elements of your cash flow. For example, your agent doesn’t make money off streaming, and publishers don’t earn from ticket sales. 

However, the manager earns a flat percentage on all your revenues. There’s a reason manager contracts are structured like this. It is because the impact and influence a manager has over an artist’s career is significant, which means their interests must be perfectly aligned with yours. 

Spokesperson and Gatekeeper 

The role of your manager is vast. One aspect of this is your public representative. Your manager will reach out to potential partners and sort through any incoming offers on your behalf. This part of the job requires many small decisions, and most artists are not aware of what is going on behind the scenes. 

You must find and hire a manager you completely trust. This is going to ensure the desired results are achieved. 

The Team Architect 

Another responsibility of your manager is to coordinate and build your team. This is going to include several different partners working on varying sides of the industry. Every time an artist moves to the next step in their career, your manager will consider new and existing partnerships to ensure your best interests are intact. 

It’s important to realize that the decisions made by your manager will have a huge and lasting impact on your music career. If they aren’t made carefully, it can impact your ability to continue seeing success in the future. 

Artistic Direction

Even if you have an A&R with your publisher or label, your manager will define and coordinate the video and music releases, live performances, and tour strategy. Your manager is the final advisor when it comes to dealing with the A&R, and their role is to mediate how much influence other partners have. 

Finding the Right Music Manager Matters 

Finding the right music manager is an important element of your music career. Taking the time to find the right person or company for the job will pay off and help ensure your music career is as successful as possible. With the information above, you have a general idea of what the role of a music manager is and what to expect when you hire these services. Being informed is the best way to find and hire the right music manager.