What Do Artist Managers Do

By SBS Team

What Do Artist Managers Do

Artist managers are entrusted with the job of managing the careers of artists. The artist manager’s role involves the entire gamut of functions, from overseeing the artist's day-to-day schedule to negotiating contracts on their behalf. They are responsible for guiding all aspects of the artist's professional life that may sometimes encroach into the artist's personal life, too if it impacts their work. They are also responsible for shielding the artist from all external factors that can be distractions. 


A Wide Array of Managerial Tasks


Artist managers are responsible for advocating for the business, advising on brand endorsements, providing 24x7 support and all career decisions. They are responsible for the short and long-term goals of the artist and steer them along in clearly mapped out directions. To say that artist managers market the artist is also too narrow a definition. The scope is much broader as it is an all-encompassing relationship that blends the personal and professional lives of the artist as seamlessly as possible. 


Therefore, the responsibilities can be overwhelming as they include:


  • Booking gigs
  • Planning album projects
  • Scheduling and orchestrating record releases
  • Planning the touring and appearances
  • Negotiating record contracts
  • Keeping the peace within the band
  • Leveraging the artists' brand equity
  • Create revenue streams


The above list is by no means an exhaustive one. But, these are some of the essential requirements of the job if you are to become an artist's manager. Artist managers may be flying solo in the beginning but will soon have a team or work as an agency to fulfill all the needs of the artist or the band. 


Managing an artist or a band is multi-faceted and a team effort. So, even if the manager started out as a single entity, they are going to rely on agents, publishers, and labels to form a cohesive unit, working to garner greater success for the artist and reap the benefits as a team.


The Best Artist Managers 


Despite the COVID-19 or Wuhan virus pandemic, which brought all performances, outdoors and indoors, to a grinding halt, artists and their managers still need to run the business, produce new music and albums, build and promote their brand, and earn money. The best managers are those that believe in the artists and their creativity. 


They curate the music and develop the music content and branding. Rarely can these be performed without some level of subjectivity and personal input. The relationship between the artist and the artist manager needs to be built on trust for it to flourish and endure. With an endless number of responsibilities, you could say that the artist manager's job is never really done!