Use These 3 Social Networking Sites to Build Your Brand as an Artist

By Flavored PB CO

Use These 3 Social Networking Sites to Build Your Brand as an Artist

For up-and-coming musicians, nothing is more important than building an audience and growing your brand. You need a social fanbase because that growing following is the key to success. To make money doing what you love, you need a lot of fans and you’ll find them on social networking sites. These are the people who are going to watch you perform, stream your music, and spread the word to their friends. Many musicians understand this but make the mistake of trying to be present on too many social media sites. You only need to use three social networking sites to build your brand as an artist and they aren’t the three you may think. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The truth is that you don’t need to use all three of these social media sites to build your following. Spreading yourself too thin just waters down the message as you try to keep up with all the constant posting. You should choose only one and make it the one that suits your brand best. If your branding isn’t visual, then Instagram may not be your best bet. You will need to post frequently and consistently to gain followers, so make sure it’s one you like. This choice really all about engagement. Its going to help spread the word and build those superfans you need to help catapult your career. 


Every new or struggling musician should be on Spotify but you’ve got to treat it as a social media site. You can’t just throw stuff on there and hope for the best. Spotify not only allows people to stream your music, but it can also be used to follow people and share stuff. You’ve got to be active on the platform. Reach out and ask people to add your music to their playlist. Treat this like a daily post and you’re sure to get some exposure. Before you know it, you’ll have a growing fanbase.


YouTube is the third networking site you need to use consistently. Again, treat it like it’s social media. There are billions of active daily users that you can potentially get in front of. You can post messages as well as long or short videos. This is where you want to put high-quality stuff and be creative. Whether it’s behind the scenes looks, personal interviews, or music videos is up to you. Just be active, consistent, and post quality stuff. The great thing is that once you establish a following YouTube can actually suggest your videos to people who may enjoy them. They’ll do part of the work for you!

Promoting yourself is hard work but it is vital to your career. Remember, post high-quality material consistently and engage with followers regularly. When you decide you’re ready for more, contact Plug Brudaz to take your career to the next level.