Things To Keep in Mind When Creating a New Music Video

By Adarious Smith

Things To Keep in Mind When Creating a New Music Video

Exposing your music to a larger audience is only possible with a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Having an artist website and a presence on social media allows you to engage with people in your core demographic. If you want to provide listeners with an accurate representation of your music and your persona as an artist, then a well-produced music video is a great investment.

The average person spends over seven minutes a day watching videos online. Using the general public’s love of video to promote your music is a great way to grow your audience. If you are in the process of creating a new music video, be sure to keep the following things in mind.

Grab Attention Right Away

The biggest mistake that inexperienced artists make when creating a new music video is thinking people will watch the entire thing. In reality, you have around 15 seconds to attract and retain the attention of a music video watcher. If the first 15 seconds of your music video is boring and uneventful, you will have a hard time keeping people interested and engaged. Rather than losing potential listeners, you need to find ways to make the first few seconds of your music video memorable and entertaining.

Rather than trying to shoot and edit a music video on your own, you should rely on seasoned professionals. At Plug Brudaz, we are passionate about helping musicians bring their art to the masses. With our help, you can create a music video that provides people with a glimpse of the immense talent you have.

Focus On Your Performance

Before you begin shooting a music video, you need to consider the type of finished product you want. While a concept music video can be entertaining, you need to use this medium as a way to show new fans your talent. The best way to do this is by producing a performance music video. With this type of video, you can highlight your ability to captivate an audience and entertain them with your talent.

Generally, you will have to shoot multiple performances of the same song during the video shoot. Performing the same song over and over can become draining over time. However, you need to avoid allowing this repetition to get in the way of an energy-filled and entertaining performance.

Don’t Forget to Promote Your New Music Video

Using your online brand to promote the new songs and music videos you create is important. Once you have finished your music video, your main focus should be on promoting it. Social media is a great place to inform a large number of people about your new music video. Asking your audience for feedback about the video is also crucial when trying to have success with new content. With the feedback from your audience, you can optimize future videos for success.

Are you in need of guidance regarding how to market your music? If so, our team can help you out.