The Evolution of Sound

By Small Business SEO





What are some important things for artists to know in this day and age?




First, there are the issues of logistics and how to grow your career, which we've been talking about here from time to time as we advise our clients. We are laser-focused on helping our artists to succeed, with multiple paths designed for everyone's success.




But then you also have to keep in mind how industry trends work, and some of those trends have to do with the actual sounds that you hear when you spin an album. That part of the business is likely to change quickly.



Rhythms and Rhymes




One recent trend is toward a different, and sometimes more laid-back, rhythm style than some artists had been used to hearing on the charts around the turn of the millennium.




Rapidfire hip-hop was a style that many believe peaked in recent years, and is now taking a backseat to different kinds of sounds, for example, something people on the street sometimes called the “lean” sound – which can be sweet, slow and strong.




Other trends have to do with voice effects. Different kinds of voice effects also peaked in the last 10 or 15 years since they came on the scene as brand-new fads. After a while, people cooled off on some of that stuff, since they weren’t the next big new thing anymore, and now you have different sounds emerging – as they always have, and always will.




The point is that the evolution of sound means that your success as an artist is always a moving target. You can't just do one thing and keep doing that one thing forever. You have to try to anticipate change and place yourself in the right context to benefit from that change, instead of being left behind.



If all of that sounds exhausting, it doesn't have to be. Success is a recipe that involves creativity, but it also involves choosing the right partners. We are here for you to help you bring your career to the next level over time. This isn't some kind of get rich quick scheme – it's a long-term game. Check out everything on our website to learn more about how long-term success can work for you, and we’ll keep you up to date as the world of gigs and venues continues to change, sometimes overnight. Some people say that the only thing certain is change, whether you’re trying to game the market – or rise in the industry. It’s something to keep in mind.