Spotify And YouTube

By Adarious Smith

Spotify And YouTube

In these modern days, you have a lot of options in terms of music streaming services. To some people, there are too many options! Others thrive on the kinds of tech advances that we can apply to music…


In any case, we can talk about two specific ones that get a lot of attention in today's music world.


One of them is Spotify – the other one is YouTube.


These are two very different platforms, and people use them for fundamentally different reasons.


Each of them can be valuable for your musical project. Each has its benefits, from a listening perspective, too.




This is a modern streaming service used by a lot of young people.


It also has a different model than a lot of the other traditional music services.


It's versatile, it's portable, and it’s everywhere. You can use Spotify in your car, at home or anywhere you happen to be.


You're not paying a lot for something that only works in one type of scenario.


So Spotify is really where a lot of the listeners are. Music acts will want to look up specific Spotify royalties contracts and understand how that works from the artist’s perspective.


It's a good idea to keep Spotify in the mix when you're trying to promote a musical project.




YouTube is, in many ways, is the dinosaur of the music world.


It's old-school, and compared to Spotify and others, it can be kind of clunky.


There are a lot of ads on YouTube these days, and some other kinds of obstacles to people really getting a lot of vibrant access to the music that's on there.


However, one feather in YouTube's cap is its accessibility.


There is no registration or hoops to jump through – you can Google something and get to YouTube pretty quickly and easily.


You can copy the URL and send it to somebody else, through email, through your phone, or through text message.


All of that makes YouTube a popular place for music, even though there are a lot of more modern alternatives.


So take a look at royalty setups for both Spotify and YouTube. In many cases, both of them are useful for getting attention on the web. So when you integrate both into your musical strategy, you have a better chance of getting the audience you want.


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