It's Got A Beat!

By Adarious Smith

It's Got A Beat!

You know it when you hear it – when you get the mix right, you get something that's got a beat, something that you can dance to.

That's what we’re about, in our own way. We're helping artists to break through to the next level by balancing their creativity with good management and business practices. We're helping to make those connections that make the music industry what it is.

A good beat is based on good composition and good tools. Everybody has their favorite digital mixer, but unless you work at it, your results can sound mushy, bland, or just not quite right.

That's how it is in the career world, too. Being successful means taking the right steps – knowing the landscape of the industry and who to talk to and how to proceed.

How is that like making a beat that kicks? When you get that balance right, your career takes off. The steps matter. Every little thing that goes into your day matters. Think of your career like you’re a chef, preparing something good every day for diners. That’s the kind of detail that makes celebrities. That, and tenacity, and hard work. 

We've come a long way from the old Columbia records days, where artists got their names in front of listeners by getting sold on CD for a penny.

We're now in the digital age, where so much of what we listen to moves at the speed of light – made up of electronic bits and bytes instead of grooves and magnetic cassette tape. That’s a different paradigm, and it calls for new approaches, new ways of thinking, and being open to the way the world is now. 

At PlugBrudaz, we have adjusted to cutting-edge music technology and new practices that take advantage of where we are today. Don't be afraid to call us with any questions about how to advance your career – how to advertise and promote your musical success – and how to connect with the crowds as we move into a new era. We’ve got the mix down, and we have the beats. We understand the flow of the industry, what’s happening on a broader level, and how to navigate a scene that’s pretty complex, by any standard. A lot of good management is about guidance – the artist is not, by nature, a business person, but with the right guide, you can go far. Call us.