How To Sell More Merchandise At Your Shows

By Adarious Smith

How To Sell More Merchandise At Your Shows

There are few jobs more rewarding than being a musician. People in the music industry are able to make a living doing something they love. The main thing a musician needs to do to grow their following is to play live as much as possible. Not only can playing live help a musician expose their art to a new audience, it also provides them with much-needed practice.

A recent study found that touring musicians make up to 35% of their income from selling merchandise. Concert goers love buying t-shirts, hoodies and hats that feature their favorite artists. If you want to increase the amount of revenue generated from selling merchandise at your shows, you need to consider the helpful tips below.

Schedule Meet and Greets Around Your Merch Table

Once an audience gets to experience your live show, many of the attendees will want to meet you and your band. Providing the people that attend your concerts with some face time is a great way to make them more loyal. If you selling more merchandise is one of your top concerns, then hosting meet and greets around your merch table is a good idea.

By doing this, you can encourage fans to buy some of your merch. Autographing this merchandise for eager fans is also a great way to motivate them to buy more items. Even if you’re tired after a show, you need to make a point of hosting meet and greets. The time and energy you invest in these face-to-face meetings with your fans will be worth it.

Don’t Forget To Pitch Merchandise From The Stage

One of the best ways to advertise your merchandise is by using the power of the stage and a microphone. As you start to wrap your live show up, you need to take a few moments to remind your fans about the merch you have for sale. Ideally, you want this pitch to be short and to the point. Interjecting a bit of humor into this pitch is also a good idea.

Highlighting any sales that you are currently running at the merch table is also a good way to motivate concert attendees to take action. By incorporating a merchandise pitch into your live show, you can increase the number of items you sell each night.

Offer Various Payment Options

The modern consumer doesn’t typically carry around cash. Most people use their credit/debit cards or payment apps like Venmo to pay for items. The worst thing you can do is offer limited payment options for the attendees of your concert. This will lead to a number of sales being missed, which is why you need to work on expanding the payment options you provide.

Companies like Amazon, Square and PayPal offer payment squares that are capable of scanning credit cards. These services are affordable and provide your fans with more payment flexibility.

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