How to Find a Professional Music Manager

By Adarious Smith

How to Find a Professional Music Manager

As a music producer and rising rap artist, Lil Migo can attest to the importance of finding a skilled and professional music manager to help guide your career. There are a lot of artists that damage their careers by staying ignorant to how the music business operates.

Having the right manager or management team is critical to the success of every artist. A manager is the one person, outside of the actual artist, that is responsible for making dreams come true by building a brand. Regardless of who you are or where you’re at in the music business, you need proper representation.

Choosing the Right Music Manager

No matter what genre of music or career path chosen by an artist, bad management will do irreparable damage to a career. Contrary to the popular myth, you don’t work for your manager – your manager works for you!

In the music industry, the term manager refers to a person that assists artists in all matters of their music careers. As a manager’s employer, you are entitled to all of the rights, benefits, and privileges associated with the employer-employee relationship. A manager guides and counsels an artist’s career for the benefit of building their brand.  In addition, they assist in the administrative tasks associated with the business of music, and advise them on important business decisions.

When choosing a music manager, keep in mind these factors:

  • Compensation
  • Power of Attorney privileges
  • References/Exclusivity
  • Length of Contract

Signs of a good music manager are a degree in music business, or years of experience as a former music executive or successful artist. An artist wants a manager that knows all the tips and tricks. A manager needs to have an intricate understanding of the music industry – the laws, royalties, bookings, touring, marketing, accounting, business plans, and more.

Rising star Lil Migo has seen the likes of fame on more than one occasion. On countless occasions, he has handled the pressure of the media. If you’re looking for proper music management, contact Plug Brudaz with a description of what you need and how we can help.