Helpful Tips for Planning a Music Tour Around the United States

By Adarious Smith

Helpful Tips for Planning a Music Tour Around the United States

In the past year, musicians have encountered a bit of a financial crisis. During the pandemic, many of the venues musicians played in to make money were closed. As some of the best venues in the United States start to open back up, many professional musicians are starting to play live again. If you are looking to make up for lost time, then planning an extensive tour of the United States is a great idea. 

With the help of your manager, some hard work and some bookings at popular venues, you can make money playing music at cities around the country. Are you trying to plan a music tour around the United States? If so, check out the great tips below. 

Start Scouting Out Venues to Book

The first thing you need to do when planning a tour is to find venues in areas you want to showcase your music. Most major cities have multiple clubs, bars and live music venues that book artists in all genres. Ideally, you want to find venues in markets that you have lots of fans. By booking these venues, you can actually make money instead of packing to a half-empty venue. 

Before booking venues, you need to work out the logistics of when you want to play there and how much the door split will be. Depending on how popular the venue is, you may have to take less money at the door. This is not a problem if you expect tons of fans to show up for your concert. Seeking out the help of your talent manager is crucial when trying to figure out these logistics. 

Assess What Equipment You Need

One of the most expensive aspects of going on tour is bringing along the right equipment. Most venues will not provide the equipment you need to bring your sound to the masses. This is why you need to invest in your own equipment to bring along for the ride. 

The type of equipment you need for your tour will vary based on the type of music you play. For instance, if you are a rap artist, then all you need is a PA system and a way to play your beats. In most cases, solo rap artists will use laptops and digital files of their beats to develop their live sound. While you may have to spend some money on a good PA system, it will be worth it. 

Make Money With Merchandise

While on tour, you want to find as many ways to make money as possible. Great merchandise is crucial if you want to make money on tour. This merchandise can include things like hats, shirts and CDs with your music on them. Working with the right promotional product supplier is crucial when trying to get a good deal on your merchandise. 

Once you have a tour planned out, you need to promote it on social media. The more people you can inform about upcoming tour dates, the easier it will be to pack the venues you have booked.