Go Platinum…!...?

By Small Business SEO

Go Platinum…!...?

Everybody wants to have a platinum record. But at the beginning, it's about doing the work. Even years into your career, you're still climbing toward that eventual summit. These things don't get done overnight, and there's a lot that goes on over the course of an artist's journey to superstardom, things that you might not think about until you, yourself, start that journey and start to see first-hand what happens along the way. 

First of all, there will be a lot of bookings. Look at the biographies of most of your favorite artists, those who are getting top billing in the music industry right now. What do they have in common? What most of them have in common is that they spent years playing small shows in their local areas, and maybe around a particular region of the country, before they started getting national success. They paid their dues – like everybody else. Having good support for bookings is the difference between getting burned out, worn down and washed out, or building on your power and climbing up to better visibility. 

Singles and Promotions

Another thing that most of these superstars have in common is that at some point they sat down and carefully crafted a good single that could hit the charts, a piece of work with the right ring to it.

In the business, we often talk about how you catch the attention of large numbers of people. There's an art and a craft to it. What you put into your single matters a lot … and it’s not always easy. Sometimes the process gets into somebody’s head!

The Value of Freshness

Here's another aspect of getting yourself to the point that you want to be at as an artist…

Simply put, originality is a must. There's no room for tying your wagon to somebody else's star. You have to be able to offer something new to the crowd.

All of this is where we come in. Good management is essential and Plugbrudaz can help aspiring artists to reach the next step, with confidence, with integrity, and with vision. It's essential to have management and assistance that you can trust. Too many artists didn't, even when they were pretty well known. Good management can propel you upward, but bad management can drag you down like a big stone. Make the right move! Let us help you to handle everything that goes into the star-making process. Because it’s a long game, not a cakewalk.