Finding Your Voice

By Adarious Smith

Finding Your Voice

What does it mean to find your voice as an artist in today's world?

 Really, there's a lot going on when you're trying to maintain a career in the arts. You're trying to organize various things, short-term and long-term priorities, and an artistic expression that's all your own, which can be harder than it sounds. 

 Think about what is true in the entertainment world. Then use it to your advantage.

Working with Autotune

 Here's an example – when you go to put a project together, you're probably already thinking about whether or not you're going to use some autotune feature or other alteration for your voice.

 Are you going to enhance the audio with various tools, or are you going to go natural?

 In some cases, people end up sitting around listening to clips, trying to figure out if there's an autotune applied to a track or not. We were doing this a few weeks ago, talking about these artistic choices and listening, and it got difficult to tell whether some track was subtly altered.

 But the artist always knows, and that's a design choice that you have to make.

 Choosing a Result

 One thing that we would recommend is to record with and without autotune, and then listen to both.

 That way you're not just guessing about the result – you're making an informed decision after reviewing both choices.

 But there are a lot of things in the artist’s world that are like that. People ask you “what do you want?” and present a variety of choices. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. For example, think about making deals with money. In so many cases it's all about what you want to get out of a project. You might choose to have more of a capital runway and make something bigger, or you might take a quick payoff and go on to the next project. The choices before you might even seem deceptive, when something suddenly changes and throws off the equation. 

 Or, again, in some ways it comes back to style and how you’re portrayed and presented to an audience. There are a lot of choices, not just a few. There's a lot to think about at any given time.

 Plugbrudaz can help you with the management side of the equation. Bookings and promotions are part of our wheelhouse. It's all contributing to the goal of getting your career moving and keeping it going over time! Talk to us about what you need to succeed.