Effective Ways to Promote Your Music in 2020

By Small Business SEO

Effective Ways to Promote Your Music in 2020

The music industry raked in over $11 billion in 2019. Since the rise of streaming platforms like Spotify, independent musicians have found a way to cut out the middle man and market right to consumers. Making a living by doing something you love, like creating music, is hard at times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, night clubs and concert venues were some of the first things that closed. This made it extremely hard for gigging musicians to keep the money rolling in. 

Out of necessity, many musicians have taken their show online. Some of the biggest names in the music industry are using live-streaming and virtual tip jars to pay the bills. Are you trying to effectively promote your music in 2020? If so, check out the helpful information below. 

Thinking Outside of the Box

When concert venues around the country started to close down, some musicians were ready to throw in the towel. For years, some musicians have avoided putting their creations online. Bands and singers without an online presence are really struggling right now because they have nowhere to play. If you find yourself in this position, you need to push your online music marketing efforts into overdrive. 

Having a website allows you to promote your music and any other interests you have. If you are looking for ways to earn a few extra dollars, you may want to start offering online music lessons. Parents around the United States are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and occupied. This is why the number of people taking online music lessons has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic. Using any avenue, you can to make money right now is important. This is why you need to swallow your pride and dig in during this strange time in your planet’s history. 

Provide Your Audience With Video Content

Are you trying to get some feedback from your audience regarding the new music you are making? If so, you need to provide them with video content that features this music. Putting these videos on popular websites like YouTube can help you attract more attention. 

Using live streaming tools like Facebook Live is also a great way to engage with consumers on social media. During these live stream videos, take a few questions or requests from the people watching you. Going live a few times a month can help you keep your audience entertained and interested in what you are doing. 

Update Your Content Regularly

There are tons of musicians online attempting to grow their audiences. Being competitive online will require lots of hard work. Posting new content once a month is not enough to keep your brand fresh in the minds of consumers. This is why you have to update the content on your website and your social media pages weekly. With the help of marketing professionals, updating your content will be a breeze. 

Need Help Managing Your Music Career?

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