Behind The Scenes

By Aman Gill

Behind The Scenes

So much of these things that happen in the music business happen behind the scenes.

 You might not see them on the screen, or in a certain part of the entertainment world, but the people who are inside know what's going on.

 Never doubt that. Behind every seemingly spontaneous music video or booking or appointment, there's deliberate intent and people hard at work.

 Management and Booking

 Take the idea of booking a show. You don't often get a backstage view of how this works. On the other hand, the new season of Atlanta just came out, and you can see some of the nuts and bolts of how shows get put together.

 This rare glimpse underscores what a lot of people in the business already know – that again, there's a lot of work going on.

 “This is a business,” one of our entertainment lawyers said recently. “This isn't just people having fun. It’s set up to look like people having fun, which is important, but at the end of the day, there are contracts in place, and money to be made.”

 With that in mind, you have to look beyond the veneer and understand who's working on your behalf. As an artist, this takes actual work – office hours, you might say, and business hours throughout a given day.

 In fact, it's often hard for people to see just how hard-working these artists and entrepreneurs are.

 Take social media branding, for instance. There is this deliberate line between work and play on social media. If you're just snapping shots to show off to your friends, you can hardly describe that as “working.” But if you have an editorial calendar in place for social media, you're very much in the area of business operations. The thing is, both of them look pretty similar to people who are just tuning in from outside.

 Then, outsiders do get some kinds of windows into entertainment, like we saw with the Oscars lately. It's dramatic and sensational, but it doesn't really represent how things usually work in the industry day today. For that, you really have to get behind the scenes in a way, and appreciate what people are doing that's positive.

 It's something to think about when you're coming up as an artist, or trying to create a career in anything related to entertainment, even if it’s something peripheral like NFTs or visual media strategies. Anyway, you can count on us

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