Are You Plugged In?

By Adarious Smith

Are You Plugged In?

When you talk about the music world or entertainment, or show business as a whole, you’re talking about a lifetime experience.


So there's a lot to think about when it comes to the success of individual groups and artists. Of course, you have to have the right kinds of skills, and the right kinds of resources. You start off with a vision – maybe a computer, maybe an instrument – and your natural creativity and approach to making music and art. And you build from there. Your story is inspiring – your perseverance helps out, too. 


But along the way, you also have to acquire other skills. You need to be networking. You need to be “plugged in.”


Artists have to be able to wear a lot of hats these days. It’s not as easy as just sitting back and waiting for royalties checks to come in. That’s a bad way to go. 


The Entertainment Game


Some people refer to it as the “entertainment game” and they might speak about it kind of derisively. Some might have a tendency to think that the game is rigged against the small individual artist. That may or may not be the case but there are things that people can do to shore up their careers as they progress.


On the front end, Internet platforms can help people to grow their audiences. Touring helps, too, obviously, and the right kind of touring can make a big difference. Later on, there's an emphasis on protecting your assets and creative brand…


But through it all, there is the capability of networking and plugging into a community in order to enhance your personal brand and where you're going.


Getting Help


Plugbrudaz helps artists to arrange bookings and consults on various kinds of production and entertainment work. So we see what works – and what leaves something to be desired, as a strategy. 


Again, there's that collaborative approach that helps to build careers and brands. It's more than just mingling at parties. It's more than just touring, too, although a good tour is the backbone of an annual income for an entertainer.


Sometimes people need to think creatively, whether that means appearing at public events prior to a tour, or doing radio appearances or anything else to support those core things that they're doing as a means of driving demand for their work.


You can see a lot more on the website, but the idea is that by getting plugged in the right ways, you’re giving yourself the chance to develop that entertainment career that you want. And the unfortunate reality is that no matter how good you are – no matter how catchy your work is, or how much it speaks to an audience, you are unlikely to really reach the next level without being in a sense “plugged in.” Talk to us about how that works.