3 Resolutions Gigging Musicians Should Make In the New Year

By Adarious Smith

3 Resolutions Gigging Musicians Should Make In the New Year

Many people believe that if you work a job doing something you love, it won’t feel like work at all. For many people, making a living as a musician is something they dream of. Being a gigging musician is a lot harder than most people realize. Without a hustler mentality, you will struggle to make music for money

Approximately 16,000 people make a living as gigging musicians in the United States. The past few years have been difficult for musicians, but things are definitely starting to turn around.

If you’re trying to prepare for the New Year as a gigging musician, here are some resolutions you should make. 

1. Work On Protecting Your Voice

 Whether you fancy yourself a singer or rapper, having a powerful voice is crucial if you want to make money gigging. Some musicians fail to realize the importance of voice maintenance until disaster strikes. Losing your voice can lead to lots of money being lost. In 2023, you need to focus on protecting your voice. 

You need to realize that your voice is a muscle and needs to be taken care of to work properly. One of the best things you can do before a performance is to drink honey lemon tea. This type of tea is known to provide vocal cords with lots of lubrication. Working with a voice coach is also a great way to learn more about protecting your vocal cords.  

2. Take Time To Hone Your Craft

A gigging musician spends most of their time finding new places to play. While it is important to line up gigs, you also need to remember why you love being a musician. Creating new songs to share with your fans should be one of your main priorities. If one of your new songs picks up some steam, you will be able to play bigger venues and demand higher prices. 

In the New Year, take time to sit and write. Not only will this provide you with new material, it will also help you reconnect with your love of music. 

3. Try New Forms of Self-Promotion

The sad reality is that many musicians are stuck in the past when it comes to the marketing methods they use. Rather than relying on printed flyers to spread the word about an upcoming gig, you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level. If you want to enhance your online visibility in 2023, then investing in a website and getting active on social media is a must. 

Working with a management company that is familiar with music marketing can be extremely helpful. With the right professional guidance, you can grow your audience and get bigger turnouts at your upcoming gigs. 

Are you serious about booking more gigs in the New Year? If so, you need to follow the tips in this article.