Your Voice As An Artist

By Adarious Smith

Your Voice As An Artist

It's easy to say that you can add one more voice to the world, but what does that mean?


One thing it means is that your artistic expression is going to represent you as a person, and you as an artist. So it bears thinking about. We do think about that and talk to our people about it now and then. 


Your Voice as an Expression


As you work in entertainment, you’re building a career, but you're also building a sort of portfolio of what you think and what makes you, you.


For a lot of people, nobody ever really looks at this from the outside, because they don't have a career in entertainment. They may be working in construction or accounting or computer science, or something like that where their personal life isn’t a part of it at all. But as an artist, someone is bringing themselves to the table and marketing themselves as a brand, and to some extent, that's a very different business.


So you have to think about what you will choose to say as an expression of yourself and how that will influence your art and your career. Part of the journey really, at the end of the day, involves planning, and knowing the context that your planning fits into. 




As you go, you’ll also be trying to get attention, or as they call it in the business world, brand visibility. You probably need a lot of help with that. You'll need active management and people to promote you as an artist to showcase your voice and get your work out there.


That's where we come in at Plugbrudaz, with management and booking services, and consulting on how to build an artist brand. That's not something that happens magically – it’s something that happens through hard work and effort.


After all, the entertainment world is not a place where people typically hold your hand. It's very competitive, and sometimes very chaotic. There's a lot of money in this industry, but it flows in very strange ways. There's a lot of ego in the industry, too, and you see a lot of ego-based conflict acted out across the industry landscape.


The bottom line is that artists feel they need people to protect them and to drive their objectives forward. We've talked about this in depth with quite a few of our people who we assist and represent. We see the realities of the entertainment world and have developed ways to navigate them.


You can also browse the site and check out samples that show artistic philosophies in play. This industry is also rapidly changing and getting real life examples often helps. Ask us about what we do for clients in a fast-paced field. 

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Are You Plugged In?

By Adarious Smith

Are You Plugged In?

When you talk about the music world or entertainment, or show business as a whole, you’re talking about a lifetime experience.


So there's a lot to think about when it comes to the success of individual groups and artists. Of course, you have to have the right kinds of skills, and the right kinds of resources. You start off with a vision – maybe a computer, maybe an instrument – and your natural creativity and approach to making music and art. And you build from there. Your story is inspiring – your perseverance helps out, too. 


But along the way, you also have to acquire other skills. You need to be networking. You need to be “plugged in.”


Artists have to be able to wear a lot of hats these days. It’s not as easy as just sitting back and waiting for royalties checks to come in. That’s a bad way to go. 


The Entertainment Game


Some people refer to it as the “entertainment game” and they might speak about it kind of derisively. Some might have a tendency to think that the game is rigged against the small individual artist. That may or may not be the case but there are things that people can do to shore up their careers as they progress.


On the front end, Internet platforms can help people to grow their audiences. Touring helps, too, obviously, and the right kind of touring can make a big difference. Later on, there's an emphasis on protecting your assets and creative brand…


But through it all, there is the capability of networking and plugging into a community in order to enhance your personal brand and where you're going.


Getting Help


Plugbrudaz helps artists to arrange bookings and consults on various kinds of production and entertainment work. So we see what works – and what leaves something to be desired, as a strategy. 


Again, there's that collaborative approach that helps to build careers and brands. It's more than just mingling at parties. It's more than just touring, too, although a good tour is the backbone of an annual income for an entertainer.


Sometimes people need to think creatively, whether that means appearing at public events prior to a tour, or doing radio appearances or anything else to support those core things that they're doing as a means of driving demand for their work.


You can see a lot more on the website, but the idea is that by getting plugged in the right ways, you’re giving yourself the chance to develop that entertainment career that you want. And the unfortunate reality is that no matter how good you are – no matter how catchy your work is, or how much it speaks to an audience, you are unlikely to really reach the next level without being in a sense “plugged in.” Talk to us about how that works. 




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Four Things Musicians Should Do Before a Show

By Adarious Smith

Four Things Musicians Should Do Before a Show

To expand your musical career, it is necessary for you to consider going on tour. Touring is an effective way for you to network with other musicians, connect with fans and build a wider fanbase, gain more opportunities, increase your income, and have a positive experience traveling around the world. 

Performing on stage is not the only thing that you can do to ensure a successful show. This article explores a few key things that you should keep in mind before you go on stage.

Select Ideal Venue

Whether you’re touring as an independent artist or with other musicians, you should ensure that you choose a great venue. Your show might not be successful if the venue is not complementary to your type of music. Venue selection is a key aspect of the success of your event and budget. So, you must take the time to learn about the city or country you’re touring, find out if the venue can accommodate your show, and think about the best themes that you can use for your show. 

Choose Gear

The clothes you wear on stage is crucial. Choose the outfit that is a close match to the kind of music you’re playing on stage. The ideal outfit makes you look cool while you’re performing and helps the audience to be more responsive. Your personal clothing style can also become trendy and make it easier for people to remember your live show.

Analyze Sound

Failure to run through soundcheck could affect your stage performance. While you’re performing, your mike can malfunction or your instruments might not have the optimal sound you need. Before your show starts, you must ensure that all your music equipment is working properly. It is also beneficial for you to get help from stage technicians to ensure that your instruments have an appealing sound that impresses the audience. 

Engage the Crowd

Plan to engage the crowd when you’re performing. This is something you might forget once you get on stage. It is important for you to remember to get the crowd involved with your live performance. You must maintain eye contact with your audience, speak to them, and get them to participate in your show.

Follow the Right Steps to Have a Great Night

A live performance on stage can make or break your reputation and music career. By taking the right steps to plan before a show, it’s much easier for you to get the best results from your hard work.

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How To Make a Living Pursuing Your Passion For Music

By Adarious Smith

How To Make a Living Pursuing Your Passion For Music

There is an old saying that states a person will never work a day in their life if they make a living doing what they love. If you are miserable at your day job, it will start to affect various parts of your life. People who are unhappy with their jobs are usually overly stressed and angry. Instead of losing your sense of self-performing a job you hate, you need to think about pursuing your passion for music. 

Studies show that people who are passionate about music are far more empathetic and intelligent. Are you ready to turn your passion for music into a way to make a living? If so, here are some things you need to remember. 

Live Gigs Are a Great Way To Make Money

In the past, musicians could make a decent living selling CDs and cassette tapes out of their trunks. These days, people will go download music from streaming services. The amount of money you make from streaming downloads is very low, which is why you have to find a way to bring in more money. Booking live gigs is one of the best ways to make a few extra dollars. 

Not only can playing live help you make money, it will also allow you to build a following. Reaching out to the owner of nightclubs and live music venues in your area can be difficult if you lack experience. This is why you need to seek out the assistance of a booking agent. A booking agent will have connections to live music venues in your area. This means they can help you land gigs at popular venues with ease. 

Invest in Merchandise To Sell At Your Shows

Maximizing the revenue generated at your live shows is something you should be passionate about. Perhaps the best way to accomplish this goal is by selling merchandise to eager fans. Merchandise like t-shirts, shirts and posters are extremely popular with music fans. 

The key to making money with your merchandise is finding a supplier that offers great deals. In most cases, the more merchandise you order from a particular supplier, the better deal they will inevitably give you. Taking the time to research merchandise suppliers is crucial before making a choice regarding which one to use. 

Sell Experiences to Your Fans

Once you start building a fanbase, you will have to work hard to keep them engaged. Offering your dedicated fans unique experiences is a great way to keep them interested in what you’re doing. These experiences should include things like acoustic shows or meet and greets. Adequately promoting these events will allow you to drum up interest from your fans. Social media is a great tool to use when attempting to promote upcoming music events you’re a part of. 

As you can see, there are ways to make money while pursuing your musical passions. With the help of Plug Brudaz, you can start to gain popularity in the music industry. 

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How To Sell More Merchandise At Your Shows

By Adarious Smith

How To Sell More Merchandise At Your Shows

There are few jobs more rewarding than being a musician. People in the music industry are able to make a living doing something they love. The main thing a musician needs to do to grow their following is to play live as much as possible. Not only can playing live help a musician expose their art to a new audience, it also provides them with much-needed practice.

A recent study found that touring musicians make up to 35% of their income from selling merchandise. Concert goers love buying t-shirts, hoodies and hats that feature their favorite artists. If you want to increase the amount of revenue generated from selling merchandise at your shows, you need to consider the helpful tips below.

Schedule Meet and Greets Around Your Merch Table

Once an audience gets to experience your live show, many of the attendees will want to meet you and your band. Providing the people that attend your concerts with some face time is a great way to make them more loyal. If you selling more merchandise is one of your top concerns, then hosting meet and greets around your merch table is a good idea.

By doing this, you can encourage fans to buy some of your merch. Autographing this merchandise for eager fans is also a great way to motivate them to buy more items. Even if you’re tired after a show, you need to make a point of hosting meet and greets. The time and energy you invest in these face-to-face meetings with your fans will be worth it.

Don’t Forget To Pitch Merchandise From The Stage

One of the best ways to advertise your merchandise is by using the power of the stage and a microphone. As you start to wrap your live show up, you need to take a few moments to remind your fans about the merch you have for sale. Ideally, you want this pitch to be short and to the point. Interjecting a bit of humor into this pitch is also a good idea.

Highlighting any sales that you are currently running at the merch table is also a good way to motivate concert attendees to take action. By incorporating a merchandise pitch into your live show, you can increase the number of items you sell each night.

Offer Various Payment Options

The modern consumer doesn’t typically carry around cash. Most people use their credit/debit cards or payment apps like Venmo to pay for items. The worst thing you can do is offer limited payment options for the attendees of your concert. This will lead to a number of sales being missed, which is why you need to work on expanding the payment options you provide.

Companies like Amazon, Square and PayPal offer payment squares that are capable of scanning credit cards. These services are affordable and provide your fans with more payment flexibility.

If you need help booking lives shows or advertising your new music, it is time to find out more about what the team at Plug Brudaz can do.

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Three Big Channels

By Adarious Smith

Three Big Channels

Anytime you’re thinking about your musical projects or branding, trying to move a project forward, it's a good idea to think about channels.

The reality is that we have an enormous number of channels these days. There are a lot of different places to promote your music and your brand. Artists and bands have to choose between a lot of very different options.

Here are three of the channels you want to consider as you're putting together a broader strategy for brand visibility.


This is the place where a lot of people are. It's increasingly becoming popular with people of all ages, but especially with younger people who want an easy way to enjoy music streaming.

We could get into the details of negotiating with Spotify, but we’ll just say that it's a must-have when it comes to having your music accessible and viable for people to hear. Back in the old days, you might have used something like Reverbnation. But Spotify is really a central place, a kind of artistic commons that you want to consider as you are growing and expanding your reach.


When it comes to access, nothing's going to beat YouTube. In some ways, it's sort of an old-school platform or channel, but it gets platinum-level numbers of active users and traffic.

That's not even counting the comments and additional traffic you can get on a YouTube channel that is really hopping.

There is a reason that so many people who are promoting themselves have blown up on YouTube. It really is a common space, especially for people who don't have a lot of mobile data or better electronic setups. YouTube is kind of an all-inclusive platform that handles all of its own logistics – people just go to the channel and put in their keywords, and they get all of the music they need. So you have to consider how to use that to your advantage as an artist.

Smart TV Channels

In some ways, this is the top-tier channel option to look for when you're trying to expand beyond easy low-hanging fruit like YouTube.

More smart TVs are offering actual music video channels, and they need content for those channels. If you're producing a music video, you want to be able to get it to a place where it's part of the inner circle of content that gets distributed to people who are really choosing this format to watch on TV. In other words, YouTube has everything, but the smart TV channels have a curated set of videos, and so if yours can be part of that, it's often a big benefit.

For more, check out Plugbrudaz and everything that we offer for management and more.

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Finding Your Voice

By Adarious Smith

Finding Your Voice

What does it mean to find your voice as an artist in today's world?

 Really, there's a lot going on when you're trying to maintain a career in the arts. You're trying to organize various things, short-term and long-term priorities, and an artistic expression that's all your own, which can be harder than it sounds. 

 Think about what is true in the entertainment world. Then use it to your advantage.

Working with Autotune

 Here's an example – when you go to put a project together, you're probably already thinking about whether or not you're going to use some autotune feature or other alteration for your voice.

 Are you going to enhance the audio with various tools, or are you going to go natural?

 In some cases, people end up sitting around listening to clips, trying to figure out if there's an autotune applied to a track or not. We were doing this a few weeks ago, talking about these artistic choices and listening, and it got difficult to tell whether some track was subtly altered.

 But the artist always knows, and that's a design choice that you have to make.

 Choosing a Result

 One thing that we would recommend is to record with and without autotune, and then listen to both.

 That way you're not just guessing about the result – you're making an informed decision after reviewing both choices.

 But there are a lot of things in the artist’s world that are like that. People ask you “what do you want?” and present a variety of choices. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. For example, think about making deals with money. In so many cases it's all about what you want to get out of a project. You might choose to have more of a capital runway and make something bigger, or you might take a quick payoff and go on to the next project. The choices before you might even seem deceptive, when something suddenly changes and throws off the equation. 

 Or, again, in some ways it comes back to style and how you’re portrayed and presented to an audience. There are a lot of choices, not just a few. There's a lot to think about at any given time.

 Plugbrudaz can help you with the management side of the equation. Bookings and promotions are part of our wheelhouse. It's all contributing to the goal of getting your career moving and keeping it going over time! Talk to us about what you need to succeed. 


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Behind The Scenes

By Aman Gill

Behind The Scenes

So much of these things that happen in the music business happen behind the scenes.

 You might not see them on the screen, or in a certain part of the entertainment world, but the people who are inside know what's going on.

 Never doubt that. Behind every seemingly spontaneous music video or booking or appointment, there's deliberate intent and people hard at work.

 Management and Booking

 Take the idea of booking a show. You don't often get a backstage view of how this works. On the other hand, the new season of Atlanta just came out, and you can see some of the nuts and bolts of how shows get put together.

 This rare glimpse underscores what a lot of people in the business already know – that again, there's a lot of work going on.

 “This is a business,” one of our entertainment lawyers said recently. “This isn't just people having fun. It’s set up to look like people having fun, which is important, but at the end of the day, there are contracts in place, and money to be made.”

 With that in mind, you have to look beyond the veneer and understand who's working on your behalf. As an artist, this takes actual work – office hours, you might say, and business hours throughout a given day.

 In fact, it's often hard for people to see just how hard-working these artists and entrepreneurs are.

 Take social media branding, for instance. There is this deliberate line between work and play on social media. If you're just snapping shots to show off to your friends, you can hardly describe that as “working.” But if you have an editorial calendar in place for social media, you're very much in the area of business operations. The thing is, both of them look pretty similar to people who are just tuning in from outside.

 Then, outsiders do get some kinds of windows into entertainment, like we saw with the Oscars lately. It's dramatic and sensational, but it doesn't really represent how things usually work in the industry day today. For that, you really have to get behind the scenes in a way, and appreciate what people are doing that's positive.

 It's something to think about when you're coming up as an artist, or trying to create a career in anything related to entertainment, even if it’s something peripheral like NFTs or visual media strategies. Anyway, you can count on us

 Talk to Plugbrudaz about your career goals!




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