Use These 3 Social Networking Sites to Build Your Brand as an Artist

By Flavored PB CO

Use These 3 Social Networking Sites to Build Your Brand as an Artist

For up-and-coming musicians, nothing is more important than building an audience and growing your brand. You need a social fanbase because that growing following is the key to success. To make money doing what you love, you need a lot of fans and you’ll find them on social networking sites. These are the people who are going to watch you perform, stream your music, and spread the word to their friends. Many musicians understand this but make the mistake of trying to be present on too many social media sites. You only need to use three social networking sites to build your brand as an artist and they aren’t the three you may think. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

The truth is that you don’t need to use all three of these social media sites to build your following. Spreading yourself too thin just waters down the message as you try to keep up with all the constant posting. You should choose only one and make it the one that suits your brand best. If your branding isn’t visual, then Instagram may not be your best bet. You will need to post frequently and consistently to gain followers, so make sure it’s one you like. This choice really all about engagement. Its going to help spread the word and build those superfans you need to help catapult your career. 


Every new or struggling musician should be on Spotify but you’ve got to treat it as a social media site. You can’t just throw stuff on there and hope for the best. Spotify not only allows people to stream your music, but it can also be used to follow people and share stuff. You’ve got to be active on the platform. Reach out and ask people to add your music to their playlist. Treat this like a daily post and you’re sure to get some exposure. Before you know it, you’ll have a growing fanbase.


YouTube is the third networking site you need to use consistently. Again, treat it like it’s social media. There are billions of active daily users that you can potentially get in front of. You can post messages as well as long or short videos. This is where you want to put high-quality stuff and be creative. Whether it’s behind the scenes looks, personal interviews, or music videos is up to you. Just be active, consistent, and post quality stuff. The great thing is that once you establish a following YouTube can actually suggest your videos to people who may enjoy them. They’ll do part of the work for you!

Promoting yourself is hard work but it is vital to your career. Remember, post high-quality material consistently and engage with followers regularly. When you decide you’re ready for more, contact Plug Brudaz to take your career to the next level.  

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Tips for Growing Your Email List as a Musician

By Flavored PB CO

Tips for Growing Your Email List as a Musician

As a musician, having an email list to communicate to your fans is essential. Whether you are updating your audience on your upcoming tour dates, virtual events, or a new record, having an email newsletter keeps you connected to your fans in a way that social media. Getting inside of your fan's inbox means that you have their direct attention, and they won't be so distracted by the next tweet, Facebook post, or Instagram share. Not to mention, social media changes fast, but email newsletter is as relevant as ever. So today, we have a few tips for you to use to grow your email list: 

  • Add an opt-in form to your website.

Any email marketing service gives you an easy way to add an opt-in form to your website. You will want to add this to your website. Ideally, place it on your website that will catch your visitor's attention and use encouraging words that will lead them to that subscribe button. Keep things as simple as possible by asking for only their name and their email address. If you ask for anything more, you run the risk of your fan not subscribing at all. 

  • Give your fan a freebie.

One of the best ways to encourage email subscribers is by offering a freebie in exchange for their email addresses. Most musicians will offer a free song in exchange for their fan's email address, but you may want to offer something different so you can stand out. Offer a monthly giveaway to your email fanbase and send out free swag to the winner. Depending on your genre and fanbase, you might also want to release "first heard" or unreleased songs, tutorials, or acoustic songs. Don't be afraid to change it up based upon what becomes the most desirable to your fans. 

  • Promote your email newsletter on social media.

Social media is a great way to reach the people who already like you and follow you. Utilize your social media platforms to promote your newsletter. Consider promoting a virtual event where email newsletter subscribers get access through an exclusive link. Or you encourage people to subscribe by telling them they will hear how you got that specific idea for a song. 

  • Start a blog or a podcast.

Having a place where you can post regular content that gets shared on social media, and potentially found on Google, is a great way to encourage email subscribers. For blog content, in addition to updates about your music, consider offering up tips for up-and-coming musicians or details about the inspiration for a specific song. A podcast is also a great way to promote your work because you can bring guests onto your show. 

While it may seem like a lot of work, promoting yourself through email newsletter marketing is a low-cost, efficient way to reach your fans. If you only stick with social media, you risk not engaging with followers regularly. Not to mention, the popularity of social media platforms fade. Need help with your music in a bigger way? Contact us at Plug Brudaz for assistance.

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The Evolution of Sound

By Small Business SEO





What are some important things for artists to know in this day and age?




First, there are the issues of logistics and how to grow your career, which we've been talking about here from time to time as we advise our clients. We are laser-focused on helping our artists to succeed, with multiple paths designed for everyone's success.




But then you also have to keep in mind how industry trends work, and some of those trends have to do with the actual sounds that you hear when you spin an album. That part of the business is likely to change quickly.



Rhythms and Rhymes




One recent trend is toward a different, and sometimes more laid-back, rhythm style than some artists had been used to hearing on the charts around the turn of the millennium.




Rapidfire hip-hop was a style that many believe peaked in recent years, and is now taking a backseat to different kinds of sounds, for example, something people on the street sometimes called the “lean” sound – which can be sweet, slow and strong.




Other trends have to do with voice effects. Different kinds of voice effects also peaked in the last 10 or 15 years since they came on the scene as brand-new fads. After a while, people cooled off on some of that stuff, since they weren’t the next big new thing anymore, and now you have different sounds emerging – as they always have, and always will.




The point is that the evolution of sound means that your success as an artist is always a moving target. You can't just do one thing and keep doing that one thing forever. You have to try to anticipate change and place yourself in the right context to benefit from that change, instead of being left behind.



If all of that sounds exhausting, it doesn't have to be. Success is a recipe that involves creativity, but it also involves choosing the right partners. We are here for you to help you bring your career to the next level over time. This isn't some kind of get rich quick scheme – it's a long-term game. Check out everything on our website to learn more about how long-term success can work for you, and we’ll keep you up to date as the world of gigs and venues continues to change, sometimes overnight. Some people say that the only thing certain is change, whether you’re trying to game the market – or rise in the industry. It’s something to keep in mind.



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Branding Is Key In Music Industry Success

By Small Business SEO

Branding Is Key In Music Industry Success


New artists have more ways to market themselves and their music more than ever before. With the help of the internet, social media platforms, and the digital age, it can seem like a no brainer to get the music out to the masses. But in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While these avenues can help aspiring artists and musicians be noticed, creating staying power in the industry takes powerhouse brand marketing.  

Strong Brand Identity

It is not only enough to be seen and heard; an artist needs to have a strong brand identity and multifaceted marketing strategies to enjoy more than merely fleeting levels of success. Like any other type of business, the music production industry relies on maintaining a and loyal consumer base while continuing to attract new audiences. Finding the balance between these two focuses hinges on brand development and recognition. 

Staying On Brand

For independent and new artists, understanding branding can be tricky as they attempt to navigate the road to stardom. Many in the music industry find that they lose the respect of their loyal fan base and fall victim to the changing trends and fads in their quest to gain popularity. Longevity in music can only be attained by identifying and marketing to your target audience. 

Branding is vital for long term success. Demographics matter, and the sooner you can target your demographics and focus on them in everything you do, the more you will create a fan base that carries boosts your career. You can do this by being mindful that you and your brand represent a particular way of thinking, acting, and living, and that coincides with your key audience demographic.

Staying In Your Lane

Artists can not be everything to everybody, and those who attempt to do so will spread themselves too thin. When you start trying to suit your sound to everyone’s liking, you will lose what makes you authentically appealing and real. As stated, niches don’t have to mean small thinking; on the contrary, filling a niche and defining your brand can be your ticket to stardom. 

Marketing your brand is more than selling your music. Identification of your target will help you create a marketing strategy that is unique to your brand. Social media is an excellent tool for getting your brand in front of the people interested in seeing and hearing more, but i is not enough on its own to create an empire. 

Professional Management

That’s where professional management of your career can come into play in a big way. At Plug Bruddaz, we understand how the music industry works and can deliver for our artists. Branding your music is one aspect of how we approach artist management. We pride ourselves that we are kingmakers; let us know when you are ready for your kingdom.

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Go Platinum…!...?

By Small Business SEO

Go Platinum…!...?

Everybody wants to have a platinum record. But at the beginning, it's about doing the work. Even years into your career, you're still climbing toward that eventual summit. These things don't get done overnight, and there's a lot that goes on over the course of an artist's journey to superstardom, things that you might not think about until you, yourself, start that journey and start to see first-hand what happens along the way. 

First of all, there will be a lot of bookings. Look at the biographies of most of your favorite artists, those who are getting top billing in the music industry right now. What do they have in common? What most of them have in common is that they spent years playing small shows in their local areas, and maybe around a particular region of the country, before they started getting national success. They paid their dues – like everybody else. Having good support for bookings is the difference between getting burned out, worn down and washed out, or building on your power and climbing up to better visibility. 

Singles and Promotions

Another thing that most of these superstars have in common is that at some point they sat down and carefully crafted a good single that could hit the charts, a piece of work with the right ring to it.

In the business, we often talk about how you catch the attention of large numbers of people. There's an art and a craft to it. What you put into your single matters a lot … and it’s not always easy. Sometimes the process gets into somebody’s head!

The Value of Freshness

Here's another aspect of getting yourself to the point that you want to be at as an artist…

Simply put, originality is a must. There's no room for tying your wagon to somebody else's star. You have to be able to offer something new to the crowd.

All of this is where we come in. Good management is essential and Plugbrudaz can help aspiring artists to reach the next step, with confidence, with integrity, and with vision. It's essential to have management and assistance that you can trust. Too many artists didn't, even when they were pretty well known. Good management can propel you upward, but bad management can drag you down like a big stone. Make the right move! Let us help you to handle everything that goes into the star-making process. Because it’s a long game, not a cakewalk. 

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Effective Ways to Promote Your Music in 2020

By Small Business SEO

Effective Ways to Promote Your Music in 2020

The music industry raked in over $11 billion in 2019. Since the rise of streaming platforms like Spotify, independent musicians have found a way to cut out the middle man and market right to consumers. Making a living by doing something you love, like creating music, is hard at times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, night clubs and concert venues were some of the first things that closed. This made it extremely hard for gigging musicians to keep the money rolling in. 

Out of necessity, many musicians have taken their show online. Some of the biggest names in the music industry are using live-streaming and virtual tip jars to pay the bills. Are you trying to effectively promote your music in 2020? If so, check out the helpful information below. 

Thinking Outside of the Box

When concert venues around the country started to close down, some musicians were ready to throw in the towel. For years, some musicians have avoided putting their creations online. Bands and singers without an online presence are really struggling right now because they have nowhere to play. If you find yourself in this position, you need to push your online music marketing efforts into overdrive. 

Having a website allows you to promote your music and any other interests you have. If you are looking for ways to earn a few extra dollars, you may want to start offering online music lessons. Parents around the United States are looking for ways to keep their kids engaged and occupied. This is why the number of people taking online music lessons has increased significantly since the start of the pandemic. Using any avenue, you can to make money right now is important. This is why you need to swallow your pride and dig in during this strange time in your planet’s history. 

Provide Your Audience With Video Content

Are you trying to get some feedback from your audience regarding the new music you are making? If so, you need to provide them with video content that features this music. Putting these videos on popular websites like YouTube can help you attract more attention. 

Using live streaming tools like Facebook Live is also a great way to engage with consumers on social media. During these live stream videos, take a few questions or requests from the people watching you. Going live a few times a month can help you keep your audience entertained and interested in what you are doing. 

Update Your Content Regularly

There are tons of musicians online attempting to grow their audiences. Being competitive online will require lots of hard work. Posting new content once a month is not enough to keep your brand fresh in the minds of consumers. This is why you have to update the content on your website and your social media pages weekly. With the help of marketing professionals, updating your content will be a breeze. 

Need Help Managing Your Music Career?

If you are having a hard time managing your own music career, it is time to contact Plug Brudaz.

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Yes, You Need A Manager

By Small Business SEO

Yes, You Need A Manager

Being an artist is one thing, becoming a successful artist is another. Even with the evolution of one-hit wonders of musicians, rappers, and singers through the age of technology and fast track stardom on social media and other digital platforms, staying power takes a much different type of “work”. 

Artist managers and management companies play vital roles in the success of an artist, and if you are wondering if you should hire one for your music career, the short answer is yes. A manager makes a flat percentage off of their client’s revenues, rather than profiting off of the many parts involved in the artist’s career such as streaming music and ticket sales. Managers work to make you successful, and therefore they are successful in the process. Management contracts are specifically structured in this manner as it keeps the managers in complete alignment with the interests of the artists.

Out In Front

Your manager is your front line of offense and defense, a gatekeeper as well as your public representative. These roles are extremely beneficial to aspiring and established artists alike. For those breaking into the business, having a public representative lead the charge on your behalf can make the difference in success and failure. Managers know the business and how to work it, relating who you are in the best ways to the public and media outlets.  

For established artists, managers can be gatekeepers keeping out the stressful situations that can arise in the face of fame such as speaking with the press, taking control of a narrative that works in the artists favor rather than against him or her, and navigating the waters so that the artist does not have to do it alone.

Deal Makers

While artists may have their acts down cold, the business end of the industry is a whole other beast. Managers are adept in the business and are extremely instrumental in handling those aspects of the artist’s career. Often times managers make many small decisions on the artist’s behalf, then consult only on the bigger issues that need to be decided on, which means the trust between artist and manager must be strong. Managers and artists work together to create this bond which propels the team forward in a way that works best for everyone involved.

Success Makers

At Plug Brudaz, we build successful careers for artists at all stages of their game. We help you turn your dreams into reality and pride ourselves in our understanding of the entertainment business and the ability and experience of our team will provide you with first-class management. From king making to kingdom ruling, Plug Brudaz has you covered. 

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Tech-Savvy Tips for Musicians How to Have Success with Live Streaming

By Adarious Smith

Tech-Savvy Tips for Musicians How to Have Success with Live Streaming

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have been sidelined. Musicians are one of the most affected groups trying to make their way through this global health crisis. There are approximately 42,000 working musicians in the United States that are unable to perform and make money right now.

Live streaming is one of the best ways for musicians to make money while in quarantine. Many popular social media websites like Facebook and Instagram have live streaming tools that individuals can use for free. Are you thinking of going live and playing for some of your fans? If so, consider the following tips for success.

Check Out the Camera/Video Features Your Phone Has

Instead of running out and buying an expensive video camera to make live streaming possible, you should just use your cell phone. Most modern smartphones come equipped with video recording and streaming capabilities. Before you start live streaming to your adoring fans, take time to get familiar with your phone’s camera/video recording program.

Learning how to use these features correctly can help you avoid headaches and mistakes when you begin to livestream. Many smartphones have filters you can use on the camera to make your live stream look unique and cool. Using YouTube tutorial videos is a great idea if you are struggling to master your phone’s video/camera capabilities. The time you spend doing this type of research will be worth it considering the helpful information these tutorials provide.

Take Time to Perform a Test Run

Some musicians try to live stream a performance before practicing what they will play or say. While this may sound like a good idea, it will usually lead to you rambling on and possibly losing the interest of your viewers. Taking the time to do a test run of your set is a great way to start a live stream with confidence.

During this test run, you may figure out a better order for the songs on the setlist or discover a new way to play one of your older songs. If at all possible, perform this test run in a private video chat with trusted friends or family members. Listening to the constructive criticism you get from these individuals will only make you a better musician.

Think About Monetizing Your Live Stream Concert

Not only do you need to advertise your live stream concert to drum up interest, you also need to think of ways to monetize this event. Many popular musicians are starting to put their live streams behind paywalls. If you don’t have a large enough following to facilitate charging for your concerts, then setting up a digital tip jar is a good idea. Encouraging the people watching to put money in this tip jar can help you get paid for the time and effort invested in performing this online concert.

Need Help Managing Your Music Career?

Are you having a hard time keeping up with your burgeoning music career? If so, Plug Brudaz is here to help!

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