4 Tips For Promoting a New Music Video

By SBS Team

4 Tips For Promoting a New Music Video

Creating a new music video is exciting for any artist or band. Still, the real challenge comes when it’s time to promote it. With so much competition, getting the word out about your latest release can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to maximize its reach and get people talking about your music video. With the right strategies and the help of an experienced music management agency, you can create a buzz about your new music video.

Here are some things you can do to get the word out about your new music video.

You Need a Compelling Title

A great music video needs a compelling title to attract viewers. An intriguing title is essential for any video's success, especially when promoting your new music videos.

Before settling on a final title, think about what makes your music video stand out from other releases and use that as inspiration for the title. Try using clever wordplay or a striking statement that grabs people’s attention and encourages them to watch your video.

Your titles should also be easy to remember so that people can talk about them after watching or sharing them with others.

Promote Your Video On Social Media

Sharing your music video on social media is an effective way to promote it and generate interest among the public. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for reaching a wide audience. You can create shareable content to increase engagement with your music video, such as behind-the-scenes footage, sneak peeks, or teasers.

You can also use influencers and celebrity endorsements to promote your music video. Working with influencers can be a great way to create buzz around your video and reach their already established audiences. This will help you gain more views and exposure for the music video.

YouTube’s Suggested Video Feature 

YouTube’s “Suggested Video” feature is a great way to get more views and exposure for your music video. This feature automatically recommends video content related to the one currently playing, allowing viewers to easily find similar videos they might be interested in watching.

This feature can be used to your advantage by connecting your music video with related videos, increasing the chances of users seeing and sharing it. Your music management agency should have no problem helping you navigate the world of YouTube.

Use Online Forums and Comment Sections To Your Advantage

The internet has made it easier for artists to promote their music videos. Participating in relevant forums and comment sections can greatly increase viewership. Being active in these spaces allows you to build relationships with other like-minded people who may become fans of your music video.

These forums are packed with users looking for new and interesting content, so don’t be afraid to join the conversation. Posting comments or engaging with other users can help draw attention to your music video and increase its chances of being seen.

Need Help From a Reputable Music Management Agency?

Are you unsure about how to get your music to the masses? If so, it's time to work with our music management agency!

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Spotify And YouTube

By Adarious Smith

Spotify And YouTube

In these modern days, you have a lot of options in terms of music streaming services. To some people, there are too many options! Others thrive on the kinds of tech advances that we can apply to music…


In any case, we can talk about two specific ones that get a lot of attention in today's music world.


One of them is Spotify – the other one is YouTube.


These are two very different platforms, and people use them for fundamentally different reasons.


Each of them can be valuable for your musical project. Each has its benefits, from a listening perspective, too.




This is a modern streaming service used by a lot of young people.


It also has a different model than a lot of the other traditional music services.


It's versatile, it's portable, and it’s everywhere. You can use Spotify in your car, at home or anywhere you happen to be.


You're not paying a lot for something that only works in one type of scenario.


So Spotify is really where a lot of the listeners are. Music acts will want to look up specific Spotify royalties contracts and understand how that works from the artist’s perspective.


It's a good idea to keep Spotify in the mix when you're trying to promote a musical project.




YouTube is, in many ways, is the dinosaur of the music world.


It's old-school, and compared to Spotify and others, it can be kind of clunky.


There are a lot of ads on YouTube these days, and some other kinds of obstacles to people really getting a lot of vibrant access to the music that's on there.


However, one feather in YouTube's cap is its accessibility.


There is no registration or hoops to jump through – you can Google something and get to YouTube pretty quickly and easily.


You can copy the URL and send it to somebody else, through email, through your phone, or through text message.


All of that makes YouTube a popular place for music, even though there are a lot of more modern alternatives.


So take a look at royalty setups for both Spotify and YouTube. In many cases, both of them are useful for getting attention on the web. So when you integrate both into your musical strategy, you have a better chance of getting the audience you want.


Turn to PlugBrudaz for help with the practical and logistical side of your music career. We have the acumen and the experience to help you to get to the next level and be proud of what you are doing on the scene. We also help to consult on the steps that artists take in collaboration and more. Look for the best support to get further in the entertainment sector and take yourself places. 



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Getting The Right Shot

By Adarious Smith

Getting The Right Shot

Let's discuss a more detailed part of doing your single and recording your music video…

 First of all, going back a bit, you want to have a music video that's a key part of the process.

 Why? Because so many people are watching through streaming media platforms. Without a music video, you just have a title, and that's no fun. People want to see a visual representation of how you imagine that video going along with your music.

 With that in mind, let's talk a little bit about getting the good shots in a music video and how that happens.

 That type of success doesn't happen by accident or by magic. People put work into designing the music video. Consider these aspects of design as you go forward with a project.


 Without the right lighting, you're not going to get the images and visuals that pop. You're likely to get sort of a grainy or soupy murkiness that people aren't going to pay as much attention to. Think about using particular kinds of stage lighting to illuminate your filming area. You’ll see how it improves your output and why it’s such a best practice.


 Composition is important, too. You may not need choreography blocking, but think about who will be in the frame and where they will be positioned. Are they in the middle or to the side? Are they offset for a particular strategic reason? Sometimes you take a closer look and make a different decision based on that insight.

 Who Is There?

 Here's another key characteristic of designing the right music video. You want to make sure you know who's going to be in each shop. Typically, you have your artist and then members of the crew or squad that might show up in the background. 

 You might have band musicians, session musicians or others seated or standing in a particular shot series of shots. Then you look at how all of these shots go together over the course of your video. That’s the ‘follow-through’ that will also improve what you come up with in the end.

 Long-Term Brand Representation

 A lot of the rest of the design has to do with the image you want to portray and the narrative that you want to promote about your artistic project.

 We sit down and talk to people about this process to help them brainstorm what they will have in a new music video. Take a look at the rest of the site for more on how we work and what we can do for you! We are experienced in helping with bookings and other parts of management. See what you can do to springboard your career and reach for the stars.





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What's In The New Single?

By Adarious Smith

What's In The New Single?

We know these days that a single is a chance to reach out and grab an audience – to pull them into the world of your brand, at a time when people have so much competition for their eyeballs. This is the age of streaming media, and millions of people are clamoring for attention. How do you stand out?

Here are some components to think about when you're releasing your new single to the world…


Does your new single have the compelling shots and sets that are going to wow your audience? So much of a video is based on the shooting and the cinematography, so it's a good idea to think about this all the way through the project.

That's assuming that you even have a video for the new single. We recommend investing in the video as a way to reach a broader audience. But aside from using the medium, you also have to optimize it. Plugbrudaz can provide some good feedback on what to do, and what not to do, with a music video.

Current Relevance

Does your new single have any relevance to current events? This can be extremely powerful for your brand visibility as people often search for things based on their ideas about what's happening around them. Think about what your track addresses, and how you can integrate it into people’s attention spans.


Does your new single have the beat?

In an industry that’s so competitive, it's good to keep things unique and original, in order to capture people by their ears.

From the old fruity loops days to the current environment of auto tunes and new interesting audio technologies, make sure that you get the track that you can stand behind as you show it off! Put some beat into it!

Consistent Branding

Does the new single represent the brand that you've built?

That doesn't mean it's never okay to pivot. But you have to think about consistent outreach and marketing for your artwork. And if you’re just throwing things at the dartboard, that can seem a little messy as you try to build your image. Just a thought.

Art Power

This one's a little bit more subjective and ambiguous. Basically, you're trying to say something with your new single – so what are you trying to say?

Here's where you can build in some extra design as you’re going over the lyrics and music for your track. In some ways, it's not unlike that process you see young artists going through as they approach a rap battle or some other big event. It's a creative process, overall, and it’s something you should definitely pay attention to.

For more, check out Plugbrudaz for management and bookings and the services that are going to make a difference as you progress on the path to stardom.

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Rules For The Booth?

By Adarious Smith

Rules For The Booth?

How do you act when you get into a studio space? How do you plan to maximize what you get out of the experience? 


It's a question that emerging and evolving artists ask themselves over the years, and it's one that deserves some thought, at least, we think so. 


It has something to say about how you approach entertainment and your career in general.


With that in mind, here are some basic rules that we've heard people talk about when it comes to making the most of your studio time. Somebody’s paying for that time, so it makes sense to think about how to get the most out of it. 


No Distractions


Okay, we know that you can't get no distractions, but you can minimize the distractions that are around you as you prepare to lay down your best work.


That means not having your phone going off 24/7 and is not being completely blitzed or checked out to the point that you can't focus on your work.


It also means disconnecting from family drama and friend drama and all of that when you enter looking to do the studio work.


There's a lot more we could say about this, but let's move on.


No Hating


Why be focusing on other people's work when you're in the booth? Even if you feel like you need to vent about so-and-so's latest piece or what they're doing, focus positively on your own stuff and you get further during a studio day.


Low Traffic


You don't need to hermetically seal yourself inside the booth, but you do need minimal coming and going in order to do your best work. Don't be afraid to give people a final chance to play musical chairs before the light comes on, and then hammer down on some traffic restrictions during your studio time.




Approach collaborations cautiously. Many artists have said this, and they really mean it. It's okay if you naturally want to lay down a track with somebody else, but if there is pressure involved or coercion in any way, it can get really weird very quickly.


All Systems Go


It goes without saying that when you're in the booth, the equipment and gear has to work correctly. You can't do your best work with machines that are shutting down, crashing, losing data or distorting what's going on in a way that's problematic.


Those are some basic tips for studio time. Check out the rest of the site for more on booking management and visuals and what we do within the entertainment industry for clients who care about their impressions and what they do during their careers. We want to help you to get to the next level, and support your dream career as you go. 



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3 Resolutions Gigging Musicians Should Make In the New Year

By Adarious Smith

3 Resolutions Gigging Musicians Should Make In the New Year

Many people believe that if you work a job doing something you love, it won’t feel like work at all. For many people, making a living as a musician is something they dream of. Being a gigging musician is a lot harder than most people realize. Without a hustler mentality, you will struggle to make music for money

Approximately 16,000 people make a living as gigging musicians in the United States. The past few years have been difficult for musicians, but things are definitely starting to turn around.

If you’re trying to prepare for the New Year as a gigging musician, here are some resolutions you should make. 

1. Work On Protecting Your Voice

 Whether you fancy yourself a singer or rapper, having a powerful voice is crucial if you want to make money gigging. Some musicians fail to realize the importance of voice maintenance until disaster strikes. Losing your voice can lead to lots of money being lost. In 2023, you need to focus on protecting your voice. 

You need to realize that your voice is a muscle and needs to be taken care of to work properly. One of the best things you can do before a performance is to drink honey lemon tea. This type of tea is known to provide vocal cords with lots of lubrication. Working with a voice coach is also a great way to learn more about protecting your vocal cords.  

2. Take Time To Hone Your Craft

A gigging musician spends most of their time finding new places to play. While it is important to line up gigs, you also need to remember why you love being a musician. Creating new songs to share with your fans should be one of your main priorities. If one of your new songs picks up some steam, you will be able to play bigger venues and demand higher prices. 

In the New Year, take time to sit and write. Not only will this provide you with new material, it will also help you reconnect with your love of music. 

3. Try New Forms of Self-Promotion

The sad reality is that many musicians are stuck in the past when it comes to the marketing methods they use. Rather than relying on printed flyers to spread the word about an upcoming gig, you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level. If you want to enhance your online visibility in 2023, then investing in a website and getting active on social media is a must. 

Working with a management company that is familiar with music marketing can be extremely helpful. With the right professional guidance, you can grow your audience and get bigger turnouts at your upcoming gigs. 

Are you serious about booking more gigs in the New Year? If so, you need to follow the tips in this article.

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Your Voice As An Artist

By Adarious Smith

Your Voice As An Artist

It's easy to say that you can add one more voice to the world, but what does that mean?


One thing it means is that your artistic expression is going to represent you as a person, and you as an artist. So it bears thinking about. We do think about that and talk to our people about it now and then. 


Your Voice as an Expression


As you work in entertainment, you’re building a career, but you're also building a sort of portfolio of what you think and what makes you, you.


For a lot of people, nobody ever really looks at this from the outside, because they don't have a career in entertainment. They may be working in construction or accounting or computer science, or something like that where their personal life isn’t a part of it at all. But as an artist, someone is bringing themselves to the table and marketing themselves as a brand, and to some extent, that's a very different business.


So you have to think about what you will choose to say as an expression of yourself and how that will influence your art and your career. Part of the journey really, at the end of the day, involves planning, and knowing the context that your planning fits into. 




As you go, you’ll also be trying to get attention, or as they call it in the business world, brand visibility. You probably need a lot of help with that. You'll need active management and people to promote you as an artist to showcase your voice and get your work out there.


That's where we come in at Plugbrudaz, with management and booking services, and consulting on how to build an artist brand. That's not something that happens magically – it’s something that happens through hard work and effort.


After all, the entertainment world is not a place where people typically hold your hand. It's very competitive, and sometimes very chaotic. There's a lot of money in this industry, but it flows in very strange ways. There's a lot of ego in the industry, too, and you see a lot of ego-based conflict acted out across the industry landscape.


The bottom line is that artists feel they need people to protect them and to drive their objectives forward. We've talked about this in depth with quite a few of our people who we assist and represent. We see the realities of the entertainment world and have developed ways to navigate them.


You can also browse the site and check out samples that show artistic philosophies in play. This industry is also rapidly changing and getting real life examples often helps. Ask us about what we do for clients in a fast-paced field. 

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Are You Plugged In?

By Adarious Smith

Are You Plugged In?

When you talk about the music world or entertainment, or show business as a whole, you’re talking about a lifetime experience.


So there's a lot to think about when it comes to the success of individual groups and artists. Of course, you have to have the right kinds of skills, and the right kinds of resources. You start off with a vision – maybe a computer, maybe an instrument – and your natural creativity and approach to making music and art. And you build from there. Your story is inspiring – your perseverance helps out, too. 


But along the way, you also have to acquire other skills. You need to be networking. You need to be “plugged in.”


Artists have to be able to wear a lot of hats these days. It’s not as easy as just sitting back and waiting for royalties checks to come in. That’s a bad way to go. 


The Entertainment Game


Some people refer to it as the “entertainment game” and they might speak about it kind of derisively. Some might have a tendency to think that the game is rigged against the small individual artist. That may or may not be the case but there are things that people can do to shore up their careers as they progress.


On the front end, Internet platforms can help people to grow their audiences. Touring helps, too, obviously, and the right kind of touring can make a big difference. Later on, there's an emphasis on protecting your assets and creative brand…


But through it all, there is the capability of networking and plugging into a community in order to enhance your personal brand and where you're going.


Getting Help


Plugbrudaz helps artists to arrange bookings and consults on various kinds of production and entertainment work. So we see what works – and what leaves something to be desired, as a strategy. 


Again, there's that collaborative approach that helps to build careers and brands. It's more than just mingling at parties. It's more than just touring, too, although a good tour is the backbone of an annual income for an entertainer.


Sometimes people need to think creatively, whether that means appearing at public events prior to a tour, or doing radio appearances or anything else to support those core things that they're doing as a means of driving demand for their work.


You can see a lot more on the website, but the idea is that by getting plugged in the right ways, you’re giving yourself the chance to develop that entertainment career that you want. And the unfortunate reality is that no matter how good you are – no matter how catchy your work is, or how much it speaks to an audience, you are unlikely to really reach the next level without being in a sense “plugged in.” Talk to us about how that works. 




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