Yes, You Need A Manager

By Small Business SEO

Yes, You Need A Manager

Being an artist is one thing, becoming a successful artist is another. Even with the evolution of one-hit wonders of musicians, rappers, and singers through the age of technology and fast track stardom on social media and other digital platforms, staying power takes a much different type of “work”. 

Artist managers and management companies play vital roles in the success of an artist, and if you are wondering if you should hire one for your music career, the short answer is yes. A manager makes a flat percentage off of their client’s revenues, rather than profiting off of the many parts involved in the artist’s career such as streaming music and ticket sales. Managers work to make you successful, and therefore they are successful in the process. Management contracts are specifically structured in this manner as it keeps the managers in complete alignment with the interests of the artists.

Out In Front

Your manager is your front line of offense and defense, a gatekeeper as well as your public representative. These roles are extremely beneficial to aspiring and established artists alike. For those breaking into the business, having a public representative lead the charge on your behalf can make the difference in success and failure. Managers know the business and how to work it, relating who you are in the best ways to the public and media outlets.  

For established artists, managers can be gatekeepers keeping out the stressful situations that can arise in the face of fame such as speaking with the press, taking control of a narrative that works in the artists favor rather than against him or her, and navigating the waters so that the artist does not have to do it alone.

Deal Makers

While artists may have their acts down cold, the business end of the industry is a whole other beast. Managers are adept in the business and are extremely instrumental in handling those aspects of the artist’s career. Often times managers make many small decisions on the artist’s behalf, then consult only on the bigger issues that need to be decided on, which means the trust between artist and manager must be strong. Managers and artists work together to create this bond which propels the team forward in a way that works best for everyone involved.

Success Makers

At Plug Brudaz, we build successful careers for artists at all stages of their game. We help you turn your dreams into reality and pride ourselves in our understanding of the entertainment business and the ability and experience of our team will provide you with first-class management. From king making to kingdom ruling, Plug Brudaz has you covered. 

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Tech-Savvy Tips for Musicians How to Have Success with Live Streaming

By Adarious Smith

Tech-Savvy Tips for Musicians How to Have Success with Live Streaming

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have been sidelined. Musicians are one of the most affected groups trying to make their way through this global health crisis. There are approximately 42,000 working musicians in the United States that are unable to perform and make money right now.

Live streaming is one of the best ways for musicians to make money while in quarantine. Many popular social media websites like Facebook and Instagram have live streaming tools that individuals can use for free. Are you thinking of going live and playing for some of your fans? If so, consider the following tips for success.

Check Out the Camera/Video Features Your Phone Has

Instead of running out and buying an expensive video camera to make live streaming possible, you should just use your cell phone. Most modern smartphones come equipped with video recording and streaming capabilities. Before you start live streaming to your adoring fans, take time to get familiar with your phone’s camera/video recording program.

Learning how to use these features correctly can help you avoid headaches and mistakes when you begin to livestream. Many smartphones have filters you can use on the camera to make your live stream look unique and cool. Using YouTube tutorial videos is a great idea if you are struggling to master your phone’s video/camera capabilities. The time you spend doing this type of research will be worth it considering the helpful information these tutorials provide.

Take Time to Perform a Test Run

Some musicians try to live stream a performance before practicing what they will play or say. While this may sound like a good idea, it will usually lead to you rambling on and possibly losing the interest of your viewers. Taking the time to do a test run of your set is a great way to start a live stream with confidence.

During this test run, you may figure out a better order for the songs on the setlist or discover a new way to play one of your older songs. If at all possible, perform this test run in a private video chat with trusted friends or family members. Listening to the constructive criticism you get from these individuals will only make you a better musician.

Think About Monetizing Your Live Stream Concert

Not only do you need to advertise your live stream concert to drum up interest, you also need to think of ways to monetize this event. Many popular musicians are starting to put their live streams behind paywalls. If you don’t have a large enough following to facilitate charging for your concerts, then setting up a digital tip jar is a good idea. Encouraging the people watching to put money in this tip jar can help you get paid for the time and effort invested in performing this online concert.

Need Help Managing Your Music Career?

Are you having a hard time keeping up with your burgeoning music career? If so, Plug Brudaz is here to help!

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How to Promote Your Music During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

By Adarious Smith

How to Promote Your Music During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Did you realize there are over 27 million musicians in the United States? If you make your living as a musician, you know how difficult generating income can be during the COVID-19 health crisis. Many musicians are finding it difficult to engage with consumers due to all of the bad news circulating online. Instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, your main focus should be staying the course. 

Promoting your music online is the only way to develop a following and make money. Most music management professionals are passionate about helping their artists develop an online presence. This is mostly due to how effective a great marketing campaign can be when it comes to breaking an artist. If you are trying to promote your music online during this global health crisis, consider the following tips. 

Create a Dialogue With Your Fans

Giving your audience exactly what they want is the key to success in the music industry. For most musicians, doing live streams has become a routine part of life since the start of the COVID-19 health crisis. Instead of trying to develop a setlist for these live streams alone, you need to reach out to your fans for help. Sending devoted fans emails or private messages asking them to weigh-in on the songs they want to hear in your next live stream is a good idea. 

Not only will this make the fans feel special, but it is also a great way to keep your brand fresh in their minds. Being consistent with both these messages and your live streams can help you attract a wider audience. If you don’t have the time or energy to manage these interactions, finding an experienced manager to help you out is a wise move. With their assistance, you can grow your brand and make money online

Share New Demos With Your Audience

One of the things most musicians have plenty of right now is time. Since you are unable to play gigs right now, you need to sink your creative energy into developing new music. Most musicians demo new songs on a regular basis. Instead of hiding these demos away, you need to share them with your audience. 

By doing this, you can get some feedback on the musical direction you are taking. If you hear negative comments from your followers about a particular demo, avoid taking it to heart. Using this constructive criticism as a way to get better is crucial. 

Stay Active on Social Media

Developing an online presence and sharing your music with the masses is easy if you embrace the power of social media. Posting every day on platforms like Twitter or Instagram can help you grow your audience. Failing to post new content on a regular basis will lead to social media users forgetting about you. This is why posting new content often is so important. 

Need Help Managing Your Music Career?

If you are getting nowhere fast when it comes to growing your listener base, it is time to contact Plug Brudaz.

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It's Got A Beat!

By Adarious Smith

It's Got A Beat!

You know it when you hear it – when you get the mix right, you get something that's got a beat, something that you can dance to.

That's what we’re about, in our own way. We're helping artists to break through to the next level by balancing their creativity with good management and business practices. We're helping to make those connections that make the music industry what it is.

A good beat is based on good composition and good tools. Everybody has their favorite digital mixer, but unless you work at it, your results can sound mushy, bland, or just not quite right.

That's how it is in the career world, too. Being successful means taking the right steps – knowing the landscape of the industry and who to talk to and how to proceed.

How is that like making a beat that kicks? When you get that balance right, your career takes off. The steps matter. Every little thing that goes into your day matters. Think of your career like you’re a chef, preparing something good every day for diners. That’s the kind of detail that makes celebrities. That, and tenacity, and hard work. 

We've come a long way from the old Columbia records days, where artists got their names in front of listeners by getting sold on CD for a penny.

We're now in the digital age, where so much of what we listen to moves at the speed of light – made up of electronic bits and bytes instead of grooves and magnetic cassette tape. That’s a different paradigm, and it calls for new approaches, new ways of thinking, and being open to the way the world is now. 

At PlugBrudaz, we have adjusted to cutting-edge music technology and new practices that take advantage of where we are today. Don't be afraid to call us with any questions about how to advance your career – how to advertise and promote your musical success – and how to connect with the crowds as we move into a new era. We’ve got the mix down, and we have the beats. We understand the flow of the industry, what’s happening on a broader level, and how to navigate a scene that’s pretty complex, by any standard. A lot of good management is about guidance – the artist is not, by nature, a business person, but with the right guide, you can go far. Call us.

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Managing Yourself as an Artist

By Small Business SEO

Managing Yourself as an Artist

There's a lot to know about managing your own career as a musical performance artist, and not all of it has to do with music. Not by a long shot.

A lot of it has to do with realities in the business world. Things change, and many of these 'change factors' impact your career in a straightforward way.

For example, right now, coronavirus canceled everything. Nobody's doing any shows, and nobody's going into any public places to make appearances. It's just not happening.

But if you're planning for the long haul, you can still think about how to tackle the next phase of your career later when things loosen up again.

Your Brand is Your Asset

To an extent, image plays a major role in an artist's career.

But here's the thing: that doesn't mean that you have to sell out to become completely obsessed with the image itself. Some people think that, but that holds them back from advancing in a natural way. You can build and improve your image without being phony or fake or image-obsessed or any of those other things…

In other words, you don't have to create a brand that's "corporate" or something that's not you. Some of the best old heads in the comedy world know this because they've consistently bucked back against conventional culture and still succeeded in becoming rising stars.

This is something that you absolutely can do as an artist, and if it's the direction you're going in, the direction that you're choosing to go in, you can take steps to make your career work that way.

The Nuts and Bolts

You may need to do a lot of shows. You may need to make appearances. But how you do that is ultimately up to you. We can help with management, booking, and musical assistance that helps you along on your career journey. Give us a call! We have helped a lot of new artists and some others mid-way through their careers, to do the kinds of planning that they need to succeed. Doing this alone is a drag – it's a drain on your personal resources, too. When you have dedicated people on your team doing it with you, it becomes easier, and the results happen much faster. Have questions? We'll connect with you and help you to put together a plan that works. It starts with your initiative – to call and make that contact

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How You Can Be Successful in the Music Industry

By Adarious Smith

How You Can Be Successful in the Music Industry

Even without abundant recognition and compensation, you need a lot of commitment when you’re working in the music business. Also, it is more than merely working 9 to 5. Every day, you will encounter so much information about what to do when you get into the music industry or how you can make a fortune when you get into the industry.

Therefore, here are a few facts about how you can make it the music business. These facts work well for some that are already on the business side of things as well as musicians. Also, while some are on the side of a reality check, others are quite encouraging. However, all of these facts are pretty vital to understand.

Don’t Give Up

Like so many things in life, your journey through the music business is never straight. People will read about when and how it all happened when you break into the mainstream consciousness. It is quite unfortunate that a large percentage of your new fans will never experience this part of your music journey. For the public, the illusion is you put on your famous pants when you wake up one day and write a song. The winding and long path to your success are entirely reasonable, and you must never allow it to get you down.

Connect with Peers

When it comes to artistic endeavors, especially music, you may not get proper guidance but a biased opinion from family and friends. With music experts, you can set more realistic expectations and goals from more constructive guidance you get from them. Be careful not to take the advice of your grandma too seriously since no matter what, she will most likely love everything you do.

Get Good Advice

Have you found yourself seeking advice from an individual with little to no success? Well, it can be a natural human tendency for you to do so. However, you will get the best advice from the individuals who have not only failed but also painfully aware of their mistakes.

Be Excellent at Your Craft

You need to apply this to virtually all the things you do! You can start on this journey with the music you do listen to. Sometimes, you can be convinced to accept mediocrity when society trains you to lower your expectations. But you must not! You need to observe and understand because excellent is at your fingertips. Look for music teachers that are well versed in music appreciation and theory and study them carefully. Don’t leave behind those that have gained success in music and some of the things they have done.

Also, no matter what the genre, take time to listen to everything. Despite your preferences, make an effort to see the beauty in all things that are music. You will come to understand and appreciate the type you will be in your music career through your understanding and acceptance of these essentials.

Be Optimistic at Every Turn

You can control this accurate survival tool. When you first start, you will be more resistant against the neglect you can encounter if you start the journey with an undying optimism. However, this will surely be tested! 

The entry barrier in the music industry is set incredibly high, and you must learn not to take things personally. Every year, there are more than 80,000 albums released, which billboard and other associated charts report on a revolving Top 200. You will have a total release of about 0.25 percent in a year, which are shaking and moving enough to get on the radar.

Top-Rated Artist Management Company

At Plug Brudaz, we have the equipment and experience to provide you extensive artist development by working directly with you. By preparing you for stardom, we will assist you in starting your music journey since we know that stars are made and not born. For our artist management services, we will work with you if you want to break into the music industry on a professional level. Also, when it comes to helping with any aspect of artist management, you can count on us because we have assisted in the careers of new and established artists.

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Know Before You Go, Preparing For Studio Recording

By Adarious Smith

Know Before You Go, Preparing For Studio Recording

Deciding to record your music is a big step for any new artist. There is more that goes into successful recordings than meets the eye, and simply having good lyrics or beats does not necessarily produce a hit. Many variables should be considered as rap and hip hop recordings can take an enormous amount of time and skill to master.

Technical Aspects of Recording

Understanding how the production of music affects the listener's perception is critical to ending up with a final product that is distinctly your own. It is worth your time to do some homework and critically go over your music and ideas before you book your recording session.

By focusing on a few technical aspects, you can make sure that your time in the studio is well spent and produces the product that you intend to make. Hip hop is a business, and as an artist, you have to not only be creative and fresh but also business minded and realistic. 

The difference between a one hit wonder and a star can be sometimes found in simple details of how the artist was recorded and how the song was produced. The very distance that you have between you and the microphone can make differences in the types of sounds that result. This could have unintentional effects on your music and how the recordings turn out. 

Microphones and Headphones

Most recording artists will say that the correct distance from your mouth to the microphone is the distance from the end of your thumb to the tip of your pinky finger. By changing this distance you can create different sounds which can be useful depending on the type of effect you want to achieve. 

You should also familiarize yourself with the headphones you will wear while recording. How you adjust the voice in ear settings can change how you hear and record your vocals. Understanding this setting is important, and being able to determine your preferred setting prior to studio time can save you from wasting time and money.

The Final Recording 

It is also a good idea to have an idea of how you want the final production of your recording to sound. Tupac would stack his vocals to make his voice more prominent in the recordings. Stacking verses mean you record each line, or end of each line, twice and arrange them on top of each other in production for emphasis and clarity.

This is one example of the many production techniques that can give you the polished finished product you are looking for in your recording. Whether you want your vocals to stand out or blend in the mix, your sound should reflect your unique vision and style.

Learning all you can about the recording process and production techniques will make your time in the studio more productive. Booking at Plug Brudaz recording studio will give you the benefit of using the latest recording and production equipment available today. All you need to do is bring your best game and record your music your way.

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Hip Hop’s Brave New Frontier

By Adarious Smith

Hip Hop’s Brave New Frontier

This new decade is ushering in an exciting time in the music industry, specifically in the hip hop arena where a significant stylistic shift is beginning to take place. Never stagnant, hip hop continues to be an evolutionary force to be reckoned with, bringing new artists and sounds that will redefine the industry.


Early signs of the emergence of hot new hip hop styles point to the production of the music, specifically the collision of the industry’s legendary practices with an influx of live instrumentation. 


Historically, hip hop has not been defined by instrumentation and tone in such a way as other popular musical genres have been, which is what makes it recognizable by any average listener. Hip hop has thrived in a category all its own, stylized by rapping over any background from country music to classic beats to even complete silence.


The soundscape of hip hop has evolved over the years due to its seemingly infinite degree of adaptability and endless creative landscape. In the 70’s it was DJ driven, then the 80’s brought in drum machines, the 90’s showcased geographical styles with east versus west coast approach. 


In the following years, alpha male stars would draw in millions of fans with their ability to maximize their influence in the sound and production of the music. Then technology ushered in a new phase of digital recording that set the stage for new artists to become famous worldwide with the touch of a button.


These platforms gave way to where we are now, the next decade of hip hop, where classification will be a crucial part of the conversation. As the music continues to delve into other genres for a creative outlet, hip hop will be extending its borders. 


Rising new artist management companies like Plug Brudaz and their artists are setting the path for others to follow with their vision for artist centered hip hop sound. Representing artists such as Lil Migo, who masters lyrical style blended with intoxicating beats, Plug Brudaz is taking aim at the future of hip hop. 


Where hip hop is headed is greatly influenced by its past as well as by the vision of those who are pushing the boundaries in style and sound to the edges, and then jumping off into the unknown. Hip hop ended the decade as the dominant musical genre, giving it enough momentum to propel into creative sounds with unbridled free reigns.

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